Welcome to WeFoundd!

We incubate tech startups.

WeFoundd is a partnership consisting of a group of tech enthusiasts who incubate their own ideas and on occasion partner with other ventures to help them along their journey too.  Think of us as a Startup Studio and Business Incubator but we are primarily focused on our own creations.

With a keen understanding of the design, development and marketing landscape we have set out to pioneer new paths of efficiency to help our portfolio companies get off the ground with minimal friction and maximum education. 

We have developed a thorough appreciation for startup methodology and modern business thought. With a profound love for tech startups, UI/UX design and the future of application development in general, we’re on track to create some magnificent companies. 

If you have question, comments, inquires or would just like to say hello, we would love to hear from you!

Please email Nate Mandel at: nate@wefoundd.com